Risk Reduction Services for the Campus Community

The following services are available to the campus community:

  • Proactive Community Patrol: Commissioned Campus Police Officers patrol the campus 24 hours-a-day 7 days a week. Patrol methods include: vehicle patrol, foot patrol, and bicycle patrol. Officers utilize fixed posts at the Brookland/CUA Metro, Raymond A. DuFour Center and John McCormack Road.
  • Residence Hall Security: All residence halls are equipped with access control systems which allow only authorized individuals entry.  Additionally,  Housing Security Assistant programs provide another layer of security ensuring that guests are checked into the residence halls. Safety and security presentations are periodically given for building residents to obtain information about safety and ask questions.
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED): The Crime Prevention Unit routinely conducts safety and security surveys on campus and makes recommendations for alterations in landscaping, physical security, and lighting. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to report lighting outages, unsafe conditions, or other issues that are recognized.
  • Emergency Telephones: There are 114 emergency telephones and 46 panic buttons located throughout the campus. Emergency phones connect the caller directly to the Public Safety Communications Center.
  • Safety & Security Literature: A variety of safety and security literature is available through the Department of Public Safety. The Crime Prevention Unit regularly distributes literature at meetings and in community areas. All printed material distributed by the department lists the Campus Police telephone number: (202) 319-5111. This number can be used to report incidents and obtain police service 24 hours a day.
  • Safety Escorts: Offered to students, faculty, and staff, 7 days per week. This is an on-campus service only. Escorts are performed by DPS uniformed officers and Safe Walks during the academic year. Escorts are provided during non-bus service hours, during late and unusual hours, and when there is concern for one's personal safety.
  • Shuttle Services:   Shuttle bus services for the campus community are provided by the Office of Transportation and Parking Services under the division of Student Affairs.  Visit transportation.catholic.edu or call 202-552-PARK (7275).