Turn your cell phone into a personalized safety device by downloading the FREE Rave Guardian application, available for Android and Apple devices. Rave Guardian can be used to alert your friends and the Department of Public Safety (DPS) for assistance. The service is free and voluntary, and the information you provide is kept private. 

How does it work?

Emergency GPS Locator - If you set up a profile with the application, it will assist in identifying, locating, and assisting you when you initiate an emergency communication.

Set a Safety Timer - Notify people you trust and/or the Department of Public Safety to check in on you if you are alone or in an unfamiliar place by setting a safety timer that will automatically alert them at the end of the time you set if you do not deactivate it.

Manage & Message Your Guardians - Invite family, friends, or others to be your Guardian, and communicate with them within the app as needed.

Easy Emergency Communication - Call safety officials directly for help if you are in trouble through one-touch dialing and send text tips - including photos - if you see something suspicious.

  • Rave Guardian FAQs

    The Rave Guardian mobile phone app enhances safety on campus through real-time features that create a virtual safety network of friends, family, and the Department of Public Safety. This service is intended for use within the Catholic University campus boundary. Read our frequently asked questions about Rave Guardian.

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  • How We Manage Emergencies

    Emergencies are communicated or reported to the Department of Public Safety at 202-319-5111. In an emergency situation where the campus requires an immediate response, the Catholic University Emergency Notification Plan will be activated.

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Rave Guardian is not a substitute for calling the Department of Public Safety (202-319-5111) when on Catholic University's campus or the police (911) when off campus. Rave Guardian should not be your first choice for making an emergency assistance call.

As with any cell phone usage, certain factors (such as signal strength, type and quality of your phone carrier, and dead spots) can affect the GPS locator accuracy.