The two basic responses in an emergency are Evacuation and Shelter in Place.


For an emergency that would be dangerous to your life and health if you were to stay in your building.

Be prepared: Before an emergency happens, find at least two emergency exits from your building. Sound the fire alarm in the event of fire. For other evacuation emergencies, call the Department of Public Safety at ext. 5111.

  • Exit the building from the closest available exit. Don't use the elevator.
  • If you can't evacuate: Call X 5111 and/or go to a window and signal for help. Go to the nearest exit or referred area of safe refuge and await the arrival of emergency personnel.


For an emergency that would put you in danger if you were to leave your building. (shelter-in-place is advised in most situations, unless the building you are in is affected by the incident).

  • Stay calm and do not panic.
  • Stay inside unless a fire alarm sounds or you have been instructed to leave by a Catholic University official.
  • For updates, monitor the Catholic University web page, email, and social media and turn on the radio or TV.
  • If you are outside, seek shelter inside a building, do not remain outside.
  • Follow building-specific instructions from your resident assistant or the building watch captain.
  • Wait for further instructions from a Catholic University official.