Below are some general safety tips for preventing crime while riding Metro.

  • Remain observant of your surroundings and report unusual or suspicious activity immediately to the nearest police officer or Metro employee. 
  • If you feel uncomfortable, move towards other people or seek a Metro employee for assistance.
  • Ride a rail car that is occupied by other people, or in the first Metrorail car, where the operator of the train will be located.
  • Keep small electronic devices concealed at all times while traveling in the Metro system.
  • Set up GPS tracking on mobile devices.
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  • If you must use your device, maintain an awareness of what is happening around you and hold your device with both hands to make it more difficult to snatch. When using an electronic device avoid sitting or standing near doors on rail cars or Metro buses.
  • Register your electronic device with the manufacturer.
  • If your electronic device is taken, do NOT resist or chase a thief. Take note of the suspect’s description including any identifying characteristics and clothing. Report the theft immediately to the Metro Transit Police Department at 202-962-2121. If the incident happens aboard a train, get off at the next station to report it. 
  • If you own a bicycle, always use a high-quality U-lock and be sure to register the bike for free with Metro Transit Police.
    > Metro bicycle registration
  • Learn more about snatch theft and how to prevent it by viewing a video from Metro Transit police.

If you see suspicious activity, unattended items or anything else that doesn't seem quite right, do not hesitate to call Metro Transit Police at 202-962-2121. For non-emergency reporting, you can also send a text message to MyMTPD (696873).